Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse – 5 Missing, 2 Rescued After Cargo Ship Rammed Bridge and Tore It Down

Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse – 5 Missing, 2 Rescued After Cargo Ship Rammed Bridge and Tore It Down


In the early hours of Tuesday, the city of Baltimore experienced a catastrophic event as the Francis Scott Key Bridge, a vital artery for the region’s transportation network, suffered a partial collapse.

The incident occurred when a Singapore-flagged cargo ship, the “Dali,” collided with one of the bridge’s supports during its outbound journey from Baltimore Harbor.

Governor Wes Moore promptly declared a state of emergency as the Maryland Transportation Authority reported the collapse around 1:30 a.m.

baltimore francis scott key bridge collapse
A view of the Dali cargo vessel which crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge causing it to collapse in Baltimore, Maryland, on March 26. Julia Nikhinson Reuters (1)

The governor is actively working to secure federal resources to address the crisis.

Emergency services rushed to the scene, where a significant rescue operation is in progress.

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Officials were searching for seven individuals following the collapse triggered by the collision. Two have been rescued so far with one in good condition but the other in critical condition and being treated at a trauma center.

According to NBC News, underwater drones, as well as sonar and infrared surveillance tools, have confirmed there were several cars in the river.

“We are still very much in an active search-and-rescue posture at this point,” Baltimore Fire Chief James Wallace said.

“Rescuers would search the surface of the water, in the river and on the deck of the ship, he said.

Virginia’s Governor Youngkin has also expressed readiness to provide assistance.

The bridge, named after the author of the United States’ national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” has been a symbol of the region since its opening in 1977.

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