Bruno Guimaraes moving Newcastle United to PSG – Digging into the reality of this transfer claim

Bruno Guimaraes moving Newcastle United to PSG – Digging into the reality of this transfer claim

By the end of this month, Bruno Guimaraes will have been at Newcastle United for two years.

The midfielder signing from Lyon in January 2022 for a guaranteed £35m transfer fee, plus a potential extra £6.65m to be paid if certain targets were met.

The last 24 hours or so have seen growing claims in the English media of a potential Bruno Guimaraes move to PSG in this January 2024 transfer window.

However, as always, it is worth checking out exactly where this transfer claim originally came from. As with the stories in the English media, it is as usual a case of just the same story repeated over and over again, without any checks as to whether or not there is any truth in it, or not…

Having had a dig into it, the story appears to have been started by journalist Marcelo Bechler, who works for TNT Sports Brazil.

Looking at what his usual output is, it just appears to be endless speculation on countless Brazilian players, as to which clubs they might join next…

Having came out with the original Bruno Guimaraes could move to PSG story.

The journalist from Minas Gerais in Brazil has now added another extra to the story, claiming there is a clause in the recently agreed new Newcastle United contract, that means any buying club can pay the transfer fee in three separate instalments.

A claim that is very convenient for a journalist desperate to make this a believable story.

Whilst it is generally agreed that there is a transfer fee release clause in his contract, that isn’t / wasn’t a story in reality, as it is standard practice on the continent for pretty much every big player to have such a buy out amount included in a contract.

As for how much the actual release clause figure is for Bruno Guimaraes, some journalist came up with a figure of £100m at the time of the new Newcastle United contract having been agreed and that has been slavishly repeated by many. However, the more credible NUFC journalists at the time, were saying their understanding was that the release clause figure was well in excess of £100m.

Regardless, whether £100m or more, absolutely no media at all had claimed knowledge of a transfer release clause figure that could be paid in three instalments, until now. Very convenient. I have never heard previously of this kind of arrangement put in a transfer release clause.

When you have excellent players such as Bruno Guimaraes (and Sven Botman, Alexander Isak, Joelinton, Tino Livramento, Anthony Gordon and so on…) these transfer claims are always going to get written, no matter whether they are totally made up or not.

I could see why PSG would want Bruno Guimaraes, as would pretty much any other club.

You would have to say though, why would Bruno Guimaraes want to go to PSG, especially this month?

Ligue 1 is easily the weakest of the five big European leagues and apart from buying the league title in France each season, what could PSG offer the Newcastle United star?

Even if you convinced yourself that Bruno Guimaraes might be interested in a move to PSG, why would he go this month? He couldn’t play in their remaining Champions League matches this season and if indeed he was thinking of leaving Newcastle United, then surely he would be waiting until the summer to see what offers would be on the table from which clubs.

All of that is just speculation of course and simply giving an explanation as to why this January 2024 window Bruno Guimaraes to PSG story, is laughable.

You can never rule out any player leaving any club to join another, as that is what happens eventually to nearly every player at any club. However, Bruno Guimaraes has only made clear, on and off the pitch, how much he loves it on Tyneside and I don’t think for a second that a very difficult single month of results will have changed that.

It is less than three months since Bruno Guimaraes signed his new extended contract at Newcastle United and if he’d had any thoughts of potentially moving on in the near future, then no way would he have signed such a deal, as before doing so, he would have been in a far stronger position when it came to moving on to any clubs who might be interested in signing him.

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