In this Critical Creativity kit, you will find a printable 50-card deck containing 49 activities and one reference card. Each card features icons that represent the literacy skills and critical thinking skills most developed by that strategy. The front of each card includes a brief set of directions for the activity. The back of each card includes reflection questions.

Critical Creativity is based on learners using creative expression to demonstrate deeper thinking and the nuances of understanding content. When we make connections, transform knowledge, and articulate the reason behind our creative choices, learning becomes more sticky, meaningful, and authentic.

The majority of the activities can be accomplished with limited resources (paper, writing utensils, colored pencils, crayons, etc.). Technology is not required to complete any of the activities. However, access to digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or laptops can greatly enhance student experiences. The sharing of work is always encouraged, be it in a gallery walk or a digital slideshow.

The activities presented provide a catalog of field-tested, student-centered activities, lessons, and experiences ready for integration into any learning environment. Each card features a pathway for facilitating the thinking and making for language development and applying creative and critical thinking skills. Creativity is domain agnostic, meaning these strategies can easily be applied to any discipline or content and with any age group. In addition to the K-12 classroom, they are ideal for adult learning experiences such as professional development or academic conferences. The key is flexibility — the same strategy may be used for numerous specific topics in the curriculum. Simple directions provide the creative constraints and allow for remixing by the teacher/facilitator.

INSTRUCTIONS: Download the printable card deck and cut the cards out. They can be printed front-to-back, or you can print them on single pages and glue the front and back together. Download the manual located on this page, and get started adding critical creativity to your lessons today!

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