Eggy Party releases new Take the Cake season as a CBT in the USA and Brazil kicks off

Eggy Party releases new Take the Cake season as a CBT in the USA and Brazil kicks off


Eggy Party releases new Take the Cake season as a CBT in the USA and Brazil kicks off

NetEase Games has just announced a new season for Eggy Party, as the casual-friendly party mobile game opens its doors to another closed beta test in the United States and Brazil. The game’s already a smash hit in the Philippines and now, a couple more countries in the west can join in on the entertainment. The new season is titled Take the Cake, and it brings dessert-themed fun after last time’s carnival-like update.

The Take the Cake season in Eggy Party introduces ten whopping new maps, including Cakewalk, Dessert Tray, and Candy Mountain, which takes all eggies on a delicious adventure that’s bound to make you hungry. These maps will be released alongside Cake Season Activity Tasks that offer gummies on completing. Gummies can be exchanged for Cake Season Coins, which further unlock themed outfits and accessories.

These new outfits make winning seem even more impressive. For example, players who complete Egg Rank Tasks that are part of the Take the Cake Seasonal Ranked events will earn the super cool Beret & Skirt Outfit, Swimming Ring Accessory, as well as the Matcha Cream Avatar Frame.


Making the entire experience even more fulfilling is the seasonal Party Pass, which grants access to several more Activity Taks. Players can earn heaps of rewards by clearing said stages. Goodies include the Little Apple, Snow, Piemaker, Waffle Dwarf, and Chocolate Lava Hunter outfits alongside Shiny Coins and Egg Coins.

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If that wasn’t enough, players can also get their hands on the Take the Cake Season Mystery Box, which includes even more costumes like the Crunchy Knight, Matcha Ranger, and Hiccup, the Cake Dragon. It’s definitely the season of outfits in Eggy Party this time.

Participate in the Take the Cake season by downloading Egyy Party now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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