Floods destroy major bridge in south-west Somalia

Floods destroy major bridge in south-west Somalia

A major bridge in the south-western Somali town of Bardhere has collapsed following flooding caused by heavy rain that has been pounding the country for days.

The bridge was vital to the movement of people travelling between towns and villages in the Gedo region, state-owned Somali National News Agency (Sonna) reports.

Locals have expressed concerns about being isolated from their neighbourhoods. Authorities have dispatched two boats to rescue those affected.

Gedo is one of the regions in Somalia worst affected by devastating floods.

More than a dozen people have been killed by the floods across the country, while thousands have either been displaced or isolated.

Somalia is experiencing heavier than normal rains after emerging from one of its worst droughts in four decades.

Heavy downpours have affected parts of East Africa over the last few weeks.

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