Israeli-owned ship hit in suspected Iran drone attack

Israeli-owned ship hit in suspected Iran drone attack

— Dubai (AFP)

An Israeli-owned cargo ship was damaged in a suspected drone attack by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the Indian Ocean, a US defence official said on Saturday.

“We are aware of reports that there was a suspected IRGC-initiated Shahed-136 UAV (that) struck a civilian motor vessel in the Indian Ocean,” the official said, confirming the attack on Friday and adding that “the ship incurred minor damage” and there were “no injuries”.

Maritime security company Ambrey said the Malta-flagged, French-operated container ship was reportedly damaged when the unmanned aerial vehicle exploded close to it.

“The vessel was managed by an Israeli-affiliated company, which was assessed to be the reason why it was targeted,” Ambrey said, adding that in the days before the attack, the ship’s tracking transmissions had stopped shortly after departing port in the United Arab Emirates.

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