KRA Opens Online Auction To Sell Overstayed Cargo In Mombasa

KRA Opens Online Auction To Sell Overstayed Cargo In Mombasa

The Kenya Revenue Authority has opened an online auction to sell cargo that has overstayed at the port of Mombasa.

The auction started on Monday, August 14 and will run for the next seven days. 

Some of the goods put up for auction include motor vehicles, house hold goods, spare parts, and construction materials among others.

“KRA is running an Online Auction to sell overstayed cargo at the Port of Mombasa. The Auction is running from Monday 14th August 2023 to Sunday 20th August 2023.

“To bid, login using your KRA iTax PIN and iTax Password,” KRA said on social media.

Containers at the Port of Mombasa's Second Container Terminal

Goods to be auctioned have stayed longer than the stipulated time in the customs areas, including the port Container Freight Station and transit go-downs.

A list is prepared that includes the description of the goods, the owners and their address, physical  location of the goods, then the goods are  physically  inspected to confirm the details and  descriptions and assigned lot numbers.

This list is then forwarded to the government printers with a notice calling the importers to enter and remove the goods within 30 days. Failure to which the goods will be sold in a public auction on a particular date.

Once the notice is published in the Kenya Gazette, a second and much detailed examination of the listed goods is carried out by the Kenya Bureau of Statistics.

The Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service, Port Health Pharmacy, and Poisons Board will determine their suitability to be offloaded into the Kenyan market.

Should they be found unfit, they are condemned for destruction and cannot be sold.

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