Let’s have a look at what you could have won

Let’s have a look at what you could have won

If I was summing up the Newcastle United fans as a weather forecast, I think it would be along the lines of overcast, drizzle in places.

A fair bit of doom and gloom as the storm clouds gather.

Those storm clouds full of injuries, illness, suspension and lost opportunities, that is what many Newcastle United fans are seeing.

A lot of what I have heard since Saturday at Molineux, is Newcastle United fans moaning about how we are letting the top five in the Premier League ‘get away’ from us.

With consecutive Premier League away matches ending 2-2 at both West Ham and Wolves, after having led 2-1 in both, that is the particular focus for the ire. If only we’d seen those wins out instead of throwing those victories away etc etc.

The thing is though, you have two very decent teams in form, playing at home, who are desperately trying to get something from the games themselves. It isn’t necessarily Newcastle throwing these wins away, it is at least as much about the opposition fighting back for a point.

One of the daftest things I heard when Newcastle United were reviewing last season, was that NUFC had ‘drawn too many games’ in 2022/23. If only we’d turned X number of those draws into wins, where could we have ended up?

No Premier League club drew more than NUFC’s 14 last season but one thing that these Newcastle United fans seem to totally ignore, is that the alternative to drawing is not only winning, you could also have lost these drawn matches.

Trailing 1-0 at West Ham, Newcastle could easily have lost the game, whilst when Wolves pulled it back to 2-2 and United looked knackered, it could well have gone against us as well. However, a knackered NUFC side found reserves from who knows where and were actually the stronger team pressing for the late win. Magnificent.

If five of those fourteen PL draws last season had been defeats, then Liverpool would have finished fourth and played Champions League this season, Newcastle fifth and in the Europa League.

When we are talking let’s have a look at what you could have won, it is very much worthwhile comparing where we are now after ten Premier League matches compared to last season.

Jim Bowen Bullseye


Played 10 Won 3 Drawn 6 Lost 1 Goals For 17 Goals Against 9 Goal Difference +8


Played 10 Won 5 Drawn 2 Lost 3 Goals For 26 Goals Against 11 Goal Difference +15

Stop worrying so much about what other clubs are doing, we are only a quarter of the way into the league season. Yes, the likes of Tottenham, Liverpool and Villa have made very good / good starts to the season to be up there with Man City and Arsenal BUT no need to panic. Newcastle United are doing ok and in terms of Premier League matches, a case of getting through these Arsenal home and Bournemouth away PL games, then hopefully a bit better outlook on player availability in a month’s time after the international break.

Also, by the time Newcastle had played their tenth Premier League match last season, their exploits in other competitions had been restricted to a slightly fortunate 2-1 away win at Tranmere in the Carabao Cup after falling behind.

This season, NUFC have already pulled off a magnificent win against all conquering Man City in the Carabao Cup AND have smashed PSG 4-1 in the Champions League, picked up an excellent draw at AC Milan, plus lost narrowly a close tight contest with Dortmund.

If you can’t see reasons to lift those storm clouds hanging over you, then you are beyond help.

Newcastle United fans have their team in sixth in the Premier League, very competitive in the Champions League and a win at Old Trafford would see us into the last eight of the Carabao Cup, with many of the fancied teams knocked out, primarily by NUFC! If we beat Man U

Yes, a few results haven’t fallen exactly right and there is a bit of an injury crisis but I think this is short-term and things will look far better on that front by late November. Joe Willock is now back and in a month’s time Botman should have returned and hopefully Isak too, plus potentially one or two others.

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