New European bonus for Newcastle United fans

New European bonus for Newcastle United fans

Like a lot of other Newcastle United fans, my thoughts are clear now.

A massive relief.

I had experienced a serious battle between head and heart in recent times.

However, Premier League results in this latest round of matches have sorted me out.

This is how the Premier League table now looks on Tuesday.

I knew it was a massive ask but even approaching this weekend, I thought it was possible.

I was thinking every chance Tottenham would lose at Villa, which then meant if Newcastle won at Chelsea, the gap would close to seven points between NUFC in seventh and Spurs in fifth. Then of course the two clubs still have to play each other at St James’ Park AND Newcastle don’t have any of the top four still to play.

To cut a long story short, I was still thinking catching fifth place Tottenham was a possibility and you know what, if those two results had gone the other way and the gap only seven points. I would have looked at our next two matches, both at home – to West Ham and Everton only three days apart, and thought six points from that pair of games and the Champions League fight is on!

Reality though is Newcastle are now 13 points off fifth with ten games left to play and I know zero chance of catching Tottenham.

So… the silver lining is that I no longer have to watch other English clubs in Europe and have this raging battle between heart and head.

My heart telling me there is no way I can ever want the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, Man U and Man City to win any match, unless they are playing each other and then a case of who I hate more. Whilst my head was telling me… look, don’t be ridiculous, we need them to win and improve our combined co-efficients, because it would be just the thing that Newcastle would surge up the Premier League and finish fifth, only for English clubs not to do the business in Europe and United end up finishing fifth and ending up in Europa League instead of Champions League.

Dilemma over.

I will now be absolutely loving it if the Premier League doesn’t get one of the two extra Champions League places for next season, based on each country’s teams’ performances in European competitions this season.

I can watch this Arsenal v Porto match tonight and be cheering on our Portuguese friends, hoping to see Arteta and the Arsenal fans crying once again at the final whistle.

It is truly what being a football fan is all about.

Willing certain other teams to lose.

It obviously isn’t an issue with the Mackems of course, they did their own Brexit way back in 1973, only months after the UK originally joined the European Union / EEC. Halley’s Comet has been sighted since they had their two minutes in European competition.

However, I can look forward to when the likes of Liverpool and Man City play in Europe again, just like Arsenal tonight.

Not really that bothered either way about the likes of Brighton, Villa and West Ham in the other European competitions, but bring it on for the others!

Premier League official site report – 15 December 2023:

‘The exits from Europe this week of Manchester United and Newcastle United, after finishing bottom of their UEFA Champions League groups, may have a big impact on these two clubs’ hopes of returning to the competition next season.

Two leagues in Europe will be rewarded with an extra place in the revamped UEFA Champions League (UCL) next season based on the record of their clubs in all of UEFA’s competitions this campaign.

So, for the Premier League, this could lead to the top five clubs entering the 2024/25 UCL rather than the traditional top four.

How does it work?

UEFA calculates which two leagues will be rewarded by adding up coefficient points based on the performances of clubs from each league across the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League.

Every win, no matter the competition, earns each league two points, while a draw gets one point, and there are no points for defeat.

The further that teams progress in their competitions, additional bonus points are awarded, which are weighted according to the competition.

Champions League bonus points

Group stage – four

Round of 16 – five

Quarter-final, semi-final, final – one

Europa League bonus points

Group winners – four

Group runners-up – two

Round of 16, quarter-final, semi-final, final – one

Europa Conference League bonus points

Group winners – two

Group runners-up – one

Semi-final, final – one

The points of all participating clubs are totalled and then divided by the number of clubs who started the season in UEFA competitions, to calculate the coefficient average.

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